To celebrate national apprenticeship week 2022 we have decided to ask some current and former Fabdec apprentices to give some information about their experiences as an apprentice.

We have asked them why an apprenticeship was right for them, what made them choose an apprenticeship, how it can help them with their career and more.

First up we have Dan giving his answers to our Q&A. Dan is a former Design technical apprentice who still works here at Fabdec and has been for the last four years.


What were you doing before you started your apprenticeship with Fabdec?

I was working part-time in a fast food takeaway while trying to find engineering-based work with the qualifications and experience I had back then.


What made you choose an apprenticeship?

I realised that an apprenticeship was the best way to get on-the-job experience and learn new skills to help my career.


How have you found your apprenticeship at Fabdec?

It has been a fantastic learning opportunity, with Fabdec making products for an assortment of industries (agriculture, brewery, water heating, etc..) I’ve been able to learn and train in a variety of different design and manufacturing processes to suit them.


How has the support and guidance you received whilst completing your apprenticeship been?

The Team I’ve worked with has always been happy to answer any questions I’ve had and walk me through any processes that I’ve been unsure about.


How did you hear about the apprenticeship opportunity here at Fabdec?

Fabdec is based in the town I live, and I found out about the apprenticeship through a local advertisement, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start my career in engineering.


What part of the apprenticeship did you most enjoy?

Learning new skills/processes as I designed bespoke products tailored to the customer’s needs and wants.


What has been a highlight of your role?

Seeing products that I have designed being shipped all over the world has to be the highlight of my Job.


What have you learned most about during your time at Fabdec?

With designing products being a big part of my role at Fabdec I’ve had to learn about a wide range of manufacturing methods and processes, and with Fabdec constantly investing in new tooling and equipment more manufacturing methods and processes become available for me to learn about.


What advice would you give to others looking to start an apprenticeship?

Do it as soon as you can, a lot of companies are looking for people with experience and an apprenticeship is, as I’ve found, the best way to get started in your career.


Thank you Dan for the insight into your apprenticeship.

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