Fabdec Limited was incorporated in 1960 and is recognised as a market leader in the dairy equipment sector. The company manufactures high-quality innovative stainless steel heat transfer products. Our mission is to sustain a positive impact on lives, from our employees to our customers, suppliers and all other partners. We achieve this through investing in people and products and by combining our company core competencies and resources with leading strategic partners. The company is committed to continuous growth, maintaining a truly customer-focused team culture and being aware of our responsibility to the environment.

The group’s headquarters are at its manufacturing site in Ellesmere Shropshire. There are additional sales offices & distribution centres in Germany and Russia.

Cookes Fabdec Ltd installs and services our milk cooling systems and also installs and services air conditioning units.

BRITANX, the Fabdec food, beverage and processing brand serves the brewery sector with a full range of high-quality stainless steel brewery vessels including design, consultancy, installation and after-sales service.

To maintain market leadership, Fabdec continuously invests to create new products and services. With a design team dedicated to a program of continual research and development, Fabdec is setting industry standards by producing innovative and advanced solutions.

Fabdec designs, manufactures and supplies throughout the world: energy-efficient milk cooling systems, high-quality stainless steel unvented water heaters for both domestic and commercial use as well as brewery vessels and heat recovery systems. The company also provides a full range of spares across the globe for all its products.

We take pride in excellent workmanship as our objective is to exceed customer expectations in the manufacture of stainless steel products. Continual investment in our highly skilled workforce, as well as state-of-the-art machinery, is paramount to achieving this goal.

Fabdec is accredited with the EN.ISO. 9001: Quality Certificate ensuring our commitment to quality assurance throughout the company.

Our customer service philosophy is to create a partnership with our customers and to understand their business. We believe in continuous improvement to exceed all their expectations.

Fabdec - since 1960
  • 1960 Company first registered as joint venture between Dairy Equipment Co USA and Fullwood and Bland Ellesmere for the manufacture of refrigerated bulk milk tanks for the UK dairy market
  • 1980 Established Market Leader with over 30,000 Ice Bank tanks sold
  • 1985 DEC purchase Fullwoods shareholding in Fabdec and Fabdec became subsidiary of DEC Int.
  • 1985 Fabdec purchased Elektrogeno GmbH (now Fabdec GmBH) to distribute Fabdec products into Europe
  • 1986 DEC transfers European manufacturing to Ellesmere. The first DX enclosed Bulk Milk Tank to be manufactured in the UK
  • 1986 Introduction of Fabdec’s groundbreaking heat recovery unit the Therma-Stor now known as SMART-HEAT
  • 1989 Berlin wall comes down and opens up old East German markets to Fabdec/Elektrogeno and Fabdec builds 14,000 sq ft manufacturing extension
  • 1989 Fabdec diversifies into domestic water heating manufacturing with the Mega-Flo the first stainless steel unvented water heater to be manufactured in the U.K.
  • 1992 Fabdec receives Queens Award for Export
  • 1993 Fabdec designs and patents unvented water heater floating baffle
  • 1993 Fabdec sell off successful water heating business to Heatrae Sadia and 10 year royalty agreement begins
  • 1994 ISO 9000 Quality approval
  • 1995 Fabdec builds further 20,000 sq ft manufacturing extension with major investment in capital equipment to cope with milk alternate day collection demands
  • 1998 Commences distributing Boumatic UK milking systems
  • 1999 Fabdec takes on Waikato milking machine distributorship
  • 2000 Fabdec acquires Kinston Somerset Ltd, sales and distribution of milking machine spares & consumables
  • Dec 2000 C.S. Powell appointed Managing Director of Fabdec Ltd
  • 2002 Order received for 14 special fuel tanks for Steve Fosset’s successful attempt on new world record by circumnavigating the globe in a hot air balloon
  • Mar 2002  Completion of Fabdec M.B.O.
  • Ghassan Haddad & Graham Egar join Chris Powell on Fabdec Board
  • 2002 Fabdec Veri-Kool energy saving product wins prestigious silver medal at Balmorral Show
  • 2002 Fabdec enters Russian Market
  • 2002 New KOOL-STOR outside tank developed
  • 2002 Fabdec appoints new DARI-KOOL dealer to enter Southern Ireland tank market
  • 2002 Fabdec enters strategic alliance with Dairy Farmers of Britain for conversion to alternate day milk collection
  • 2002 Elektrogeno wins large tank order for Norway
  • 2003 Introduction of Excel milking system
  • 2003 Fabdec enters Indian market with milk cooling
  • 2003 Following group restructure Fabdec GmbH & Fabdec Ireland evolved
  • 2004 SAC Denmark forms alliance with Fabdec for cooling tanks in Scandanavia
  • 2004 Fabdec agree with Skellerup NZ  new  marketing plan to further promote KINGSTON/Skellerup products
  • 2004 Fabdec receives first large tank order for Russia
  • 2004 Commence in house manufacture of condensing units for export markets
  • 2004 Fabdec exhibits for first time at Moscow Agri show
  • 2004 Kingston Northern Ireland warehouse is consolidated with Southern Ireland
  • 2004 New range of cleaning chemicals introduced
  • 2004 Fabdec forms strategic alliance with NZ milking Co. Milfos
  • 2005 Fabdec introduces the Excelsior range of unvented water heaters
  • 2006 Fabdec opens its new European Distribution Centre in Ellesmere
  • 2006 Fabdec introduces Heatime product to the UK
  • 2007 Fabdec produces its first 30,000L tank
  • 2008 SMART-HEAT Solar introduced
  • 2009 Fabdec has permanent sales presence in Poland
  • 2009 Decision to expand manufacturing presence in brewery sector
  • 2010 Fabdec OOO opens in St Petersburg Russia
  • 2010 New range of water heaters introduced with BBA approval
  • Nov 2010 Fabdec celebrates 50th Anniversary in business
  • 2011 Major investment in water heating manufacturing including twin robot welding machine
  • 2011 Introduction of Cluster Purge automatic cleaning system
  • 2012 Further major investment in manufacturing including water heating automated pickling plant
  • 2012 Move into larger premises in St. Petersburg
  • 2012 Fabdec webshop on line & investment in CRM system
  • 2013 New 30,000L silo tank introduced
  • 2013 Magnus & Quantus plate coolers introduced
  • 2014 Investment in automated welding equipment for stainless steel vessels & foam insulation equipment
  • 2014 Opening of warehouse in Poland
  • 2014 New 35,000l silo introduced
  • 2015 Major investment in manufacturing equipment for large tanks including 6 metre CNC rolls & 6 metre automatic grinding & polishing machine
  • 2015 Launch of Excelsior ‘I’ unvented water heater with patented 3S technology
  • 2015 Shropshire Business Awards finalist for innovation
  • 2015 New milking plant washing system introduced
  • 2016 Fabdec acquire Cookes Electrical Ltd
  • 2016 Introduction of innovative cow Footwash
  • 2016 New export cooling tank range to fit into shipping containers
  • 2016 Manufacture of longest tank to date for export at 8.4 metres long
  • 2016 Introduction of Datasafe tank monitoring system
  • 2017 Manufacture of longest tank to date for export at 9 metres long
  • 2017 Cookes Electrical Ltd. move into larger premises
  • 2017 LED lighting project commenced for manufacturing, offices & warehouse
  • 2017 Shropshire Business Awards finalist for manufacturing transport & logistics
  • 2018 New CNC punch press purchased
  • 2018 Manufacture of tanks for wine fermentation
  • 2018 Introduction of Hi-Flo 3S technology water heaters
  • 2018 Heating & Ventilation News finalists with Hi-Flo technology
  • 2018 Heating Ventilation & plumbing innovation winners
  • 2018 New pre-plumb water heater introduced
  • 2018 Shropshire Business Awards Best Manufacturer winner
  • 2018 Innovative range of cooling tanks to fit in high cube containers
  • 2018 DARI-HEAT water heater introduced
  • 2019 Cookes Electrical becomes Cookes Fabdec Ltd.
  • 2019 Fabdec & Polish distributor FarmM-Partner have formed a partnership SMARTFARMER which will stock, promote and service the spares for both milking and milk cooling in Poland
  • 2019 Fabdec & 6ix Engineering Ltd announce a new joint venture 6ix Fabdec Ltd. The new company will serve the brewery sector offering a full range of high quality stainless steel brewery vessels including design, consultancy, installation & after sales service.
  • 2019 Major investment in manufacturing including new laser welder for heat exchanger plates, 4metre 200 tonne CNC brake press & H Frame press
  • 2019 Fabdec install solar P.V. to generate own electricity at manufacturing plant & head office
  • 2019 New website launched
  • 2020 Fabdec celebrates Diamond Anniversary – 60 years in business


Hot Air Balloons

Fabdec supplied the fuel cylinders for Richard Branson and Per Lindstrand when they became the first to cross the Atlantic and then the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon.

In 2002 the company supplied the fuel cylinders for Steve Fossett’s successful record breaking attempt when he became the first person to make a non-stop solo balloon flight around the globe.

Richard Branson with Fabdec fuel cylinders when he and Per Lindstrand crossed the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by hot air balloon


International Head Office of stainless steel manufacture Fabdec limited in Ellesmere, Shropshire, United Kingdom

Fabdec Ltd

International headquarters and manufacturing plant in Ellesmere, Shropshire.

European Warehousing and Distribution Centre for Fabdec limited, based in Ellesmere, Shropshire, United Kingdom

European Distribution Centre

Warehousing and Distribution Centre in Ellesmere, Shropshire.

Fabdec GmBH, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Fabdec GmbH

Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Fabdec also has sales offices & warehouses in St Petersburg Russia & in Poland.