DEFRA Grants

Did you know that DEFRA farming grants are now available for equipment and technology within the agricultural industry?

These grants directly affect our products listed below, with the grant scheme number shown next to it. Each of these products will prove highly beneficial for any dairy farmer.

FETF40: SPAR-HEAT heat recovery unit with double-walled coil heat exchanger can ensure water on the farm is pre-heated to 55ºC at no cost. An immersion heater can boost the temperature up to 85ºC.

FETF41: Plate coolers ensure milk is cooled quickly for storage. They are by far the biggest energy saver in dairy farming and provide an inexpensive way to pre-cool milk from about 35°C to 18-20°C.

FETF43: VARI-SPEED controls the milk flow through the plate cooler to optimise cooling efficiency.

FETF85: Our FOOT-WASH Pro deals with the issue of hoof hygiene and lameness. Using an automated footbath means you don’t have to replace the water yourself every time.

FETF86: Cluster Purge Plus is a proven automatic cluster cleaning system that disinfects every cow cluster safely after every cow, quicker than manual spray or dip systems.

Visit our milking systems page for more product information or give us a call on 01691 627 200 to discuss.

Visit the DEFRA site for funding details. We encourage you to apply for the grants as soon as possible to reap the full benefit.

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