In recent months we have sought to raise the profile of our social media pages, using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We use these platforms to promote current projects underway at Fabdec whilst celebrating our rich history with weekly ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts. We would love for you to follow us on the different platforms by using the links at the bottom of the page.

We also have dedicated pages for each brand of our business. Instagram is especially popular with pages for DARI-KOOL (dari_kool), KINGSTON (kingstonspares), EXCELSIOR (excelsiorwaterheating) and our newly created brand BRITANX (britanx_), dedicated to the food and beverage industry. These provide relevant and specific content for our various audience groups. We’re excited to report that these have all grown exponentially in the past few months.

Our subsidiary Cookes Fabdec (cookesfabdec), also now has an official Instagram page.

For more information about the business and opportunities please follow us or get in touch using our contact page.