DARI-KOOL Milk Cooling Systems

Fabdec’s range of milk cooling systems offer the dairy farmer the ultimate in milk cooling technology. From pre-cooling systems such as plate coolers and ice builders through to bulk milk tanks and heat recovery systems, Fabdec has the solution for every stage of the milk cooling process.

DX-FF Milk Tanks

Bulk Milk Cooling Tanks

Fabdec’s DX-FF range of bulk milk tanks are designed to offer extreme efficiency and outstanding reliability. Using state-of-the-art technology they provide advanced cooling and washing performance every time, ensuring that the quality of the milk is maintained. Every Fabdec tank is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and comes with a long-term guarantee for complete peace of mind.

The standard DX-FF tank is designed for indoor use. However for outdoor applications the DX-FF ‘KOOL-STOR’ model has a fully weatherproof control unit making it suitable for external use. A DX-FF ‘Low Profile’ model is available for installation in dairies where height or space restrictions apply. All models are available in capacities ranging from 1200 to 34,000 litres to suit the individual requirements of any farm.


Plate Cooler

Plate coolers are very efficient at taking heat out of milk and play an important role in ensuring milk is cooled quickly for storage. Using mains or ice water they reduce the demand for electrical energy and are extremely cost effective.

Fabdec QUANTUS plate coolers are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. They are wall-mounted with clip on gaskets for ease of replacement. Floor-mounting is also an option.

Fabdec MAGNUS plate coolers are manufactured to the same high quality but are floor-mounted with large format plates for high performance and are suitable for a high milk flow of up to 18,000 litres per hour.


Ice Builder

Fabdec KOOL-PAK ice builders are used in conjunction with plate coolers to provide ice water for additional pre-cooling of the milk, helping to improve milk quality. They are economical to run as they largely use over night electricity on a cheap night rate to build the ice bank and have potential to cut cooling costs by a third.


Condensing Units

Fabdec manufacture a full range of condensing units assembled on a stainless steel baseplate and installed terminal box.


Heat Recovery Systems take heat generated from the milk cooling process which would otherwise be wasted and uses it to generate free hot water.

This means it is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and saves money. With over 100,000 installations worldwide SMART-HEAT is a proven system, manufactured from duplex stainless steel it contains no moving parts making it virtually maintenance free and fully compliant with British & European Standards.


Agricultural Unvented Water Heaters

The Uni-Heat agricultural unvented water heaters provide hot water on demand for bulk tank washing and similar uses around the dairy farm. Utilising the 50 years experience gained in stainless steel fabrication and heat transfer technology Uni-Heat systems provide economical high performance tank washing and proven long life expectancy from a durable and robust design.