As national apprenticeship week 2022 continues, we move on to ask current digital marketing apprentice Ryan about his time at Fabdec so far.

Ryan started in late September 2021 and is currently assisting with social media coordination and several marketing campaigns.

He also designed our new Britanx logo.


What were you doing before you started your apprenticeship with Fabdec?

Before I started at Fabdec I was a graduate Graphic Designer working for a publishing company.


What made you choose an apprenticeship?

I wanted to grow my skillset into digital marketing and social media. After researching into digital marketing apprenticeships they seemed to give the commercial experience I was looking for, so I decided to give it a go.


How have you found your apprenticeship at Fabdec so far?

It has been great so far!!! I have set up various social media pages for Fabdec, assisted with email marketing and used my Graphic Design skills to design the Britanx logo which is going in lots of printed and digital media.


How did you hear about the apprenticeship opportunity here at Fabdec?

I looked on indeed and saw it advertised through the training provider, Remit Training and it seemed to fill all the blanks in my skill set I was looking to fill.


How has the support and guidance you received whilst completing your apprenticeship been?

I have had lots of constructive feedback from my managers at Fabdec. They always let me know what they like in my work and assisted me whenever I had questions. They have also given me set times to complete my apprenticeship work so I never have to worry when I can find the time to complete it.


What part of the apprenticeship do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy getting hands-on, commercial experience in digital marketing and the diverse range of briefs Fabdec offers.


What has been a highlight of your role?

The highlight of my role is seeing my final pieces in the real world. Be it social media posts, printed media, or email campaigns, just knowing that I made that and it is a real thing for a business is the most rewarding feeling in the world. The other day I saw the Britanx logo go on a large brewery vessel and I did have to take a breath and think I made that logo and now it is in the commercial world, made me smile.


What have you learned most about during your time at Fabdec?

So far I have learned how to run social media pages for business and how to set up email campaigns on MailChimp. I have got so much more to grow into during my apprenticeship I cannot wait to see where it will go next.


What advice would you give to others looking to start an apprenticeship?

Go for it!!! It’s never too late. In my industry, a lot of companies ask for commercial experience and it is hard to get that without being in the industry already. With an apprenticeship, you get the opportunity to get the experience you need and you also get a qualification with it, so it is a win-win situation on both sides really.


Thank you Ryan for your insight and enjoy the rest of your apprenticeship with us.

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