It’s no secret that the UK construction industry is facing a skills gap. A major factor is Brexit and the loss of skilled labour from Europe.

Although a solution is yet to be found there are pioneering manufacturers within the industry who are working on innovative solutions that are not just sustainable, efficient and economical but also easy to install. This means their products can be installed by a larger percentage of the available workforce and enables companies to bridge any skills gaps they may have.

At Fabdec we have developed a pre-plumb version of our pioneering WXI unvented water heater, which allows for simple and fast installation even in confined spaces. We also work in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers to streamline installer training by utilising virtual reality models of the inner workings of the water heaters.

Our WXI heater is the world’s first self-sustaining unvented heater, using patented 3S Technology to circumvent the need for an external vessel or floating baffle, which means it requires minimal maintenance. This again allows for further bridging of the skills gap in the FM industry.

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