Any project decision comes with the burden of having numerous factors to count on.

Fabdec unvented hot water cylinders are continuing to transform the UK hot water landscape and with the acceleration of our innovations being imitated in the marketplace, the range of options available can be overwhelming.

Finding the right product that meets the necessary criteria can be a difficult task. Projects need a combination of performance, maximum energy efficiency, a good installation process and consideration for space. Not only this, but there are considerations to make that also relate to our surrounding environment, with energy usage being at the forefront of environmental concerns.

Fabdec have the best of both worlds. High-grade stainless steel cylinders and lightweight tanks that do not compromise on internal insulation, strength or performance. Our unvented water heaters provide unparalleled flow rates; with capabilities to service larger scale developments.

We offer a range of unvented hot water cylinders and can manufacture and supply custom-designed units to suit your requirements; with connection bosses, coils, inlets, outlets, pockets and ancillary equipment all located and sized to your specification. Supplied with all safety accessories.

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