A decade of QUANTUS & MAGNUS plate heat exchangers!

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Fabdec’s production of QUANTUS and MAGNUS plate heat exchangers (plate coolers). We began manufacturing these models of plate coolers on April 4, 2013, and have since produced over 2500 in total. The QUANTUS model is wall-mounted while the MAGNUS is floor-mounted with large format plates for high performance. Both have food-grade rubber gaskets which are easy to dismantle for inspection and maintenance.

How does a plate cooler work?

The plates separate the flow of product and water while at the same time ensuring heat exchange between them. The product cools down, the cold water is warmed.

Where are plate coolers used?

Plate coolers are used in the dairy industry to ensure milk is cooled quickly for storage. They provide an inexpensive way to pre-cool milk from about 35°C to 18-20°C, reducing the run time of the refrigeration unit by 40 to 50 % and so almost halving your energy bill. Both QUANTUS and MAGNUS models can also be used in a double circuit with ice water to chill the milk to 4°C before it even reaches the milk tank.

Plate coolers can also be used in the brewery process. Here they are used to rapidly cool the product after boiling – the heat exchange produces warm water, which can in turn be used to then pre-heat the product before boiling again. They can also be used for pasteurisation ahead of bottling.

For more information on our plate coolers please see our plate cooler brochure.

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