Heat Recovery Systems

These systems are the environmentally friendly answer to soaring energy prices and use heat normally wasted by refrigeration circuits to generate hot water. With over 100,000 installations SMART-HEAT is the established name in heat recovery systems.

The SMART-HEAT range is available from 220 to 2,000 litres as a standard range and up to six condensing units can be connected to a single SMART-HEAT. Manufactured from duplex stainless steel SMART-HEAT contains no moving parts making it virtually maintenance free and fully compliant with British & European Standards.

The SPAR-HEAT DUAL range is now available up to 3,000 litres. This range has a double-walled coil heat exchanger. The heat exchanger consists of two tubes: an outer (water side) tin-plated tube with a medium-high finned tube and an inner (refrigerant side) copper tube with a pyramid-shaped structure on the outside.