EXCELSIOR Unvented Water Heaters

The Excelsior is a superior example of British design, innovation, and manufacture constructed from quality components. Retaining the original design ethic, Excelsior offers market-leading efficiency and performance.

Fabdec’s revolutionary 3S Technology is the world’s first true self-sustaining system, based on an internal expansion system and offering some major advantages.

It features a patented system in which atmospheric air is drawn into the system as water is demanded upstream. Because this occurs as per the hot water demand it does not deteriorate in performance over a period of time. The 3S technology also maintains 3 bar working pressure at outlet. Besides reduced maintenance the 3S Technology offers quicker and easier installation, improved packaging and a complete fit and forget philosophy.

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The rest of the EXCELSIOR range covers both domestic and commercial unvented water heaters, including heat pump and solar options. Domestic water heaters are available from 80 to 305 litre capacity - There's a size suitable for every home! Commercial water heaters are made to order and available up to 4000 litre capacity. Buffer vessels are also available up to 32,000 litres.