Cow Management Systems

Fabdec’s range of Cow Management Systems, using the advanced SCR Cow Intelligence solutions, collect and analyze critical data points, from activity to rumination, on every individual cow, delivering the heat, health and nutrition insights farmers need, when they need them. Visit or click here to reach the brochure download area.

Stand-Alone Heat Detection System

A standalone terminal-based system that provides a complete reproduction monitoring solution, with no PC required. It has a unique combination of movement and movement intensity measurement, recognizing behavior patterns and providing actionable information and an optimal time window for insemination. This intuitive operation and low-maintenance system enables you to work more efficiently and with greater confidence.

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Stand-Alone, Real-Time Heat Detection and Health Monitoring System

The Heatime HR LD system uses the same proprietary movement sensor and rumination recorder technology as the Heatime HR. However it is based on a long range wireless Base Unit (BU) that transmits the information from the tags to the system terminal from wherever the cows are. The system provides a real-time effective health monitoring and heat detection solution.

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PC-Based Heat Detection and Health Monitoring Solution

A powerful PC-based , stand-alone cow monitoring solution that provides a real-time tool for heat, health and nutrition management. The SCR Heatime Pro system creates an advanced, centralized solution for bigger herds (more then 400 cows) based on unique data and actionable cow intelligence information.

The system supports all SCR neck tag versions.

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Complete Milking and Herd Management System

The PC-based SCR DataFlow II System is a complete cow monitoring and milking management solution that is connected to SCR milking points and SCR Heatime tags. It delivers real-time, actionable information on cows’ reproductive, health and wellbeing status, as well as the milking process itself. Only information relevant to each farm worker (herd managers, milking pit operators, etc.) is provided. Using the clear reports, graphs, task lists and lifetime cow card history, each professional can efficiently make informed decisions and work productively.

Automatic and Accurate Cows’ Sorting

To compliment and support Fabdec's Cow Management Systems, integrated sorting gates are available . The highly accurate sorting gate can be integrated with any Heatime system and it saves time and improves efficiency while accommodating different-sized cows in mixed-breed herds.

Click on this link to see how the SCR sorting gate works.