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Excelsior i 3S a ‘dream to fit’
Excelsior i 3S

A Shrewsbury plumbing specialist has commended Fabdec’s Excelsior i water heater as a ‘dream to fit’. Ian Forbes, of Shrewsbury Plumbing & Heating, installed one of our 150-litre Excelsior 3S cylinders into a large detached home with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, providing hot water for space heating and washing facilities.

Ian said: “I’ve done a number of Fabdec cylinders and they have all been good quality but this is the first time installing an Excelsior i 3S. “When the 3S version came out, I really liked the look of it for this particular project and was happy to recommend it to the homeowner. The internal expansion gap was particularly appealing, meaning that the cylinder has an extremely long-life with very little maintenance required. “With no external vessel it also saved space and was simple to install – I placed and fitted everything within approximately three to four hours, rather than a standard six to eight hours. It literally cut half the time off the installation and that’s including a full tank drain.”

Fabdec’s revolutionary 3S Technology is the world’s first true self-sustaining system, based on an internal expansion system and offering some major advantages. It features a patented system in which atmospheric air is drawn into the system as water is demanded upstream. Because this occurs as per the hot water demand it does not deteriorate in performance over a period of time. The 3S technology also maintains 3 bar working pressure at outlet. Besides reduced maintenance the 3S Technology offers quicker and easier installation, improved packaging and a complete fit and forget philosophy.

Ian added: “The homeowner is very happy with the cylinder and has also told me it is easy to use, responsive and compact. “I would 100% recommend the Excelsior 3S to other plumbers and installers – it’s a dream to fit, and Fabdec provide great service. Their staff are there if and when you need them and can deliver products to you on the same day which can be a real help.”

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