3S Pre-Plumb

Fabdec launches pre-plumb water heater with 3S Technology
Monday, November 28, 2016
Fabdec are introducing a pre-plumb version of its pioneering Excelsior i range of unvented water heaters. Fabdec launched the Excelsior in 2015 as the world’s first self-sustaining unvented heater, using patented 3S Technology to circumvent the need for an external vessel or floating baffle. The pre-plumb version is primarily aimed at the domestic sector, allowing for a simple and fast installation, even in enclosed spaces. Fabdec unveiled the range at the PHEX Chelsea show in November and it will be available to buy in 2017.

Stuart Doggrell, Fabdec general manager for water heating, said: “The Excelsior i range offers a wealth of benefits to installers, developers and specifiers, and the pre-plumb version just takes it an extra step further in terms of ease of installation. Since launching the Excelsior i last year, sales have been strong across a range of sectors, with heaters going into refurbished apartments, social housing developments, leisure centres, offices and more. With 3S Technology, the vessel requires absolutely minimal maintenance and this is proving particularly popular with social and private landlords. Add in the negligible heat loss and ease of operation, and the Excelsior i is an efficient and cost-friendly hot water solution.”

Fabdec have been a leader in stainless steel vessels for more than 50 years, producing and distributing high quality water heaters from its design and manufacturing HQ in Ellesmere, Shropshire. Its 3S Technology is a unique self-sustaining system, adopting a simple natural phenomenon based on the Venturi effect, a patented system in which atmospheric air is drawn into the system as water is demanded upstream. Because this occurs as per the hot water demand it does not deteriorate in performance over a period of time. The 3S Technology and automatic replenishment of the air gap saves time and money – there are no internal, moving parts in the cylinder and once the Venturi valve is installed, no additional parts are required. The absence of an external expansion vessel means the tank can fit into more compact installation spaces. The 3S technology also maintains 3 bar working pressure at outlet, subject to adequate incoming mains water pressure. Fabdec carried out extensive field trials and completed WRAS approved endurance testing to verify the credentials of this revolutionary technology. The tanks provide 60mm insulation, giving market leading heat loss figures, while the immersion heater, temperature and pressure relief valves have also been insulated for added reduction in heat loss.

The Excelsior i pre-plumb range ensures that the Venturi, the control valves, combination inlet valve, and pump are all pre-assembled and wired to a central wiring centre, adding further to the ease of installation and compact packaging. It will be available in a range of sizes from 175l to 305l to suit most domestic needs.

To register interest in the pre-plumb range email stuart.doggrell@fabdec.com or call 01691 627 200.