Fabdec launches innovative Foot-Wash Plus system

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Stainless steel heat transfer manufacturer Fabdec has launched an innovative new automatic footbath system tailored for animal hygiene in the dairy sector. The FOOT-WASH Plus builds on Fabdec’s commitment to innovation by introducing a range of new features, these include automatic counting systems, quick refill, and full-width pneumatic drainage that ensure usability and practicality.

Following a successful showing at the World Dairy Expo 2018, held in Madison Wisconsin, the FOOT-WASH Plus is now available, lengths include 2.5 metres, 3.6 metres and 4.0 metres, providing a range of options for different configurations. p>

Chris Powell, managing director at Fabdec, said: “The FOOT-WASH Plus system marks another step in the development of our animal-hygiene line - and one that brings a range of unique benefits to the market. Animal hygiene is a key consideration for anyone working in the dairy sector, and we’re passionate about developing products that ensure our customers maintain best-in-class standards. The FOOT-WASH Plus implements industry-leading innovations that provide both the high performance and quality standards we’re known for at Fabdec.

“It also forms a part of a strong fourth quarter of 2018 for the company, and we look forward to continuing this momentum throughout 2019.”