Fabdec pre-plumb unit provides seamless solution for residential developments

Thursday, June 7, 2018
Fabdec’s 3S pre-plumb has been installed at a residential development in Newport, Shropshire – providing reliable hot water alongside streamlined and disruption free installation.

The 3S Excelsior pre-plumb is an unvented heater, with unique patented system developed by Fabdec, combining self-sustaining water heating with a simple and intuitive installation process.

Using the Venturi Effect the heater automatically replenishes the expansion space, negating the need for an expansion vessel, and saving time and money in future maintenance costs.

The unit was installed at the detached home on Queen’s Drive, Newport, by Mark Hall of local plumbing firm MPH Gas Ltd – and since beginning operation has reliably provided hot water across the property without pressure drops at times of high demand.

Speaking about the installation process, Mark Hall said: “The pre-plumb feature of the 3S has been invaluable to me as an installer. It ensures that the unit can be installed quickly in developments in which space is at a premium. This combined with the speed of installation means that disruption to the customer and time on site is kept to an absolute minimum.”

Customer Andy Hughes praised the pre-plumb unit’s ability to reduce temperature variances when two showers are in use at the same time: “We had the 3S pre-plumb unit installed in the garage next to the mains water inlet and its performance has been exemplary. In addition to the product’s reliability and impressive levels of performance, my mind is also put at ease due to the reputation it holds for minimising repair work.

“It has also been an ideal solution to increasing the space in the area it’s located too – the design of the unit really promotes a smart use of space unique in its market.”

For more information on this project or the Excelsior i 3S water heater please call Fabdec on 01691 627 200 or email sales@fabdec.com